Do you wish that there was a map to tell you which way to go?

I know you. You're a woman ready to make it happen, if only someone would pass you the instruction manual to your life.

You're stuck in neutral while you scroll Instagram wondering when you'll finally be blessed to have that life-changing opportunity, divine inspiration, or moment of clarity about why you’re here.

The moment you took your first breath you were given a life path and a purpose. You are divinely supported by the planets and stars.

You've been given everything you need to succeed and live a life that goes beyond the boundaries of your imagination. You just have to take the next right step.

I know that can be easier said then done, so that's why I'm here to help illuminate the path in front of you. And I've brought a pretty good toolbox in case we run into trouble.


Essential Oils

Very few people in life raise their hand to take responsibility for their health. If you’re ready to to heal your body, detoxify your home, and make a positive impact on the planet. I’m here to guide you.


My signature coaching experience for women looking to break through their blocks. If you're ready to get unstuck and take the next right step in your life and work, this is the fastest path to freedom.


You love reading your horoscope, but you want to know what the Universe really has in store for you. A natal chart reading is the ultimate personality assessment. A necessary step in getting to know your soul's desires.

Astrologer. Life Coach. Teacher. 

These are the hats I wear on a daily basis in my business. I'm guessing you've got quite a few hats too.

I remember squatting on the floor holding my head with my pink Motorola Razor pressed to my ear. I was in the elevator bank of my corporate real estate office where I worked at 23 years old. Between the highly competitive, testosterone filled environment, and figuring out who I was in NYC...

Well let's just say, I was anxious. In fact, I was more than anxious, I was panicking.

I had had these feelings my entire life, but never had a name for them, until that day. 

The therapist on the other end of the phone, recommended to me by my gynecologist, said, "it sounds like you are struggling with anxiety." I was shocked! No way! That meant I was weak. Even having this conversation with her meant I was weak, as far as my parents would be concerned. 

But I knew she had struck a chord, I felt the ping. That day changed my life, because it was a catalyst For ME TO LIVE MY LIFE ON PURPOSE.

For ten years I've taught yoga in Manhattan, from Vinyasa Flow to Kundalini. I've been a studio owner, a manager of over 200 teachers at YogaWorks, and a self-employed yogi running about town.

I found yoga as a gym rat.

At first I didn't think yoga was worth while unless it hurt so bad I couldn't sit down or get up the next day. 

After sweating it out in Bikram, I found Baptiste, and then Jivamukti, and then Ashtanga... Now I really like lying down, sitting quietly, and chanting.

Long before yoga took center stage, my thirst for self knowing was quenched by astrology.

I started reading my horoscope in the newspaper when I was a kid. I still take a look at the horoscopes by Sally Brompton in the NY Post when I'm waiting at my corner deli.

My Mom gave me my first astrology book when I was 14. It was actually a book that her Mom loved, so the woo is in my genes. When the internet came of age, there was tons to explore. I eventually had my first natal chart reading at 20, and I was hooked.

My life has been a grand push and pull between the spirit world and the material world.

My path has never led me to sit on a mountaintop without electricity to get to know myself, and I don't think you need to either. We are living in turbulent times, but also brilliant times for growth, discovery, and transformation. 

I’m here to teach you how to lean into your own intuition so that you can stop being scared and start taking the next right step in your life and work.

After a decade of teaching yoga and working on the backend in the yoga business, I’ve decided that it’s time to step out and share some of the tools I use in my daily life with my students and community.

As a yoga teacher I get to help you tune into your body and mind. As a life coach and astrologer I get to help you tune into the energy of the cosmos.

Everything you need to experience joy, purpose, and freedom is within you right now. 

If you're ready to take that next right step in your life and work, book a free 30 minute breakthrough session.

I was feeling so lost, uninspired, stuck, broke, and not sure where to turn. I’ve done yoga teacher trainings and not many offer one on one mentoring in terms of balancing energy, making money, and staying inspired.  They also do not teach you to market yourself and the business of yoga. To have a person to mentor you and help you stay fresh and balanced is invaluable. Our coaching sessions were enlightening, inspiring, and uplifting. Veronica always gave me hope and at the same time kept me grounded. I now have more time, more energy and more money!

Maria Salvatore, NJ