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Get the astrology lowdown for real life. Find out what’s happening up there in the heavens, so that you can take action down here on Earth. Each week I cover the big astrological events and how they will impact you in your life, your relationships, and at work. Not only will you get an insight to the planetary powers above, but you also get my advice on how to manage the energy you’re experiencing.

The Essential Astrocast goes live on Instagram and Facebook on Mondays at 5pm EST. You can watch the replay right here on the blog or tune in wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Following the moon cycle is the most potent way to bring astrology into your daily life and spiritual practice. The lunar cycle is where we can start gain traction in using the planets to manifest our desire on the Earth plane.


Veronica makes astrology approachable and easy to understand. Listening to this podcast always gives me a great idea of how my week is going to go energy wise. When my energy is funky, I always think “What did Veronica say?” and it all makes sense. Plus, I’ve been learning more about astrology through this podcast too!

DR Michelle Mazur | Seattle