Is your mind racing?

You’re not alone. We are all overwhelmed with more and more obligations at work and at home, while being bombarded by the countless notifications from our iPhones.

It’s hard to find time each day to take care of your soul amidst the chaos.

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This guided meditation will give you 7 minutes of peace in your day.

And most likely far more than 7 minutes after you’ve completed your sit. I know it will help you find more ease, focus, and presence in your life, because it’s worked for me and countless others.

My hope is that giving yourself this time, will allow you to give your best work to the world.


What makes it different?

  • Most meditation focuses on the mind, or the breath.

  • This guided meditation is all encompassing; it integrates body, mind, breath, and ENERGY which underlies it all.

  • You’ll work on expanding and fortifying your auric field which allows you to not only protect yourself, but to mindfully project your energy out into the world.

  • Learn tools to clear your mind at a moment’s notice through out the day.

  • No memory required, you can access the recording whenever you need a refresh.