3 Qualities of a great yoga teacher

There are many qualities that contribute to making a great yoga teacher, but I thought I’d share with you my top 3.

  • Kindness - You cannot underestimate the importance of kindness, a great teacher is kind in all situations, even ones that are challenging or bruising to the ego.

  • Generosity - There are a lot of ways to be generous, giving your time, your energy, your love. The best teachers I’ve met are generous in all these ways. They look to give versus take.

  • Authenticity - Presenting one’s self in an honest way is of the utmost importance when you are a teacher. You cannot ask for students to trust you if you are not showing them who you really are. The best teachers I’ve ever sat with are the ones who are not afraid to show their vulnerabilities and in fact that gives them great strength and ability to connect with their students.

So what are the most important qualities YOU look for in a teacher? Click on over to the Yoga Business Kula Facebook group and let me know.