The single biggest mistake yoga teachers make

The biggest mistake most of us are making as yoga teachers is in our perception of ourselves!

As a yoga teacher you are an entrepreneur - the CEO of SELF Inc. I know you didn’t sign up for yoga teacher training to be a CEO, but alas this is the burden we bear.

Even if you are lucky enough to be working at a big name studio you probably can’t put all your eggs in that one basket. As freelancers by nature we have to be a little scrappy and resourceful, and certainly creative.

One of my favorite books is Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. In it he talks about shifting your mindset from amateur to professional.

As a yoga teacher when you switch your mindset you will plan your time wisely, you will ask for what you are worth, and you won’t let private clients cancel on your last minute without payment!

I always like to leave you with a little tip or trick. This week when someone asks you what do you do notice how you feel when you say, “I’m a yoga teacher.” Do you say it with enthusiasm and strength or with doubt and uncertainty?

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