Top 5 pieces of feedback for every yoga teacher

  1. Stop Demo-ing! You cannot see the students if you are busy doing the pose.
  2. Instead WALK AROUND this way you can see the bodies in the room from all sides. When you have a 360 degree perspective you can teach based on what you see happening in the room.

  3. Learn names and use them - students come to class to be seen and be a part of a community. Otherwise they could stay home and take a class online.

  4. Give options - even if you are teaching a level ⅔ class you give your students options so that everyone feels welcomed and like they belong.

  5. Record your class and take it! I know this one is scary, but you are your own best teacher. When you record your class you will notice your own crutch words, the clarity of your instruction, and you will inevitably find places where your teaching can improve.

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