3 tips to professionalize yourself as a yoga teacher

Yoga Teachers get a bad rap for being unprofessional and woo woo. Here are some simple ways you can uplevel your practice as a yoga teacher and go from amateur to pro.

  1. Have an email address that is your name.

  2. Keep track of the #s ::

    1. Students in your classes. Studios make $ based on how many bodies are in the room. If you stay on top of this your studio manager will be super impressed.

    2. When working with private students make sure you are on top of their payment, packages, and number of sessions. Don’t make the client do your work. They will appreciate you being on top of things, and this will eliminate any chance of miscommunication around money.

  3. Have a concise workshop description, resume, and bio at your fingertips. When you pitch your offerings or apply for a teaching gig you want to get right to the point. Everyone is busy and working hard - make it easy for the person on the other end of the email to understand all the awesome things your bring to the table. No one should have to read between the lines or study Sanskrit to know what you’re talking about.

So which of these tips are you going to implement today? Hop on over to the Yoga Business Kula Facebook group to let me know!