What is life coaching?

Today I want to dive in to WHAT coaching is. So many people ask me, "Should I get a coach or a therapist?" I can't answer that question, because there are so many variables, the most important one being you!

I was in therapy for years, and it was life changing, but I will reiterate that it was years. I spent years going to the same therapist because she felt safe, and it was a good place for me to return to when life got bumpy and I needed someone steady and nurturing in my life. My therapist helped me through so many tough times, she was there for great accomplishments, and great disappointments.

At some point it felt right to move on, for the second time, and I did. I knew I still had work to do on myself and to get to where I wanted to go in my personal life and in my work life, so I got a life coach!

I spent years venting my anger, frustration, and sadness in therapy, all very productive and needed at the time. My coach, on the other hand, did not let me vent, in fact, she made me "give up the story in my head."

Yep, I've got a story. You've got a story too! We all have a story. And it's not helping you get to where you're going. It adds color to your life when you meet people and they get to know you. It explains a lot of who you are and why you do the things you do.

It's important to know your story, but you don't want to be a by product of your story! You want to be clear headed in the present moment so you can write your future life chapters.

So what is coaching?

  • Coaching is an opportunity to make some progress in a particular part of your life. Pick one: Building your side hustle, managing your money, dating and relationships, improving your health, simply becoming a happier person less obsessed with your story (wink). Coaches come with different expertise, so you'll have to do some instagram searching to find someone you dig.

  • It's a concentrated period of time, usually 3-6 months, or perhaps a year. It's you and your coach in the bunker, making a game plan, trying it out, and pivoting when needed. It doesn't go on for years, unless of course you've got different aspects of your life you're working on, and you'd like to do that with the same person. Most coaches will want you to outgrow them and move onto someone else with an expertise suited to your chosen area of growth.

  • It's an intimate relationship with someone who is completely unbiased. Someone who cheers you on when you've got it right, and serves up some tough love when you've gotten off track.

My results from working with my first life coach have been profound and I'm still reaping the rewards today. I've gone on to work with different coaches, but that initial coaching experience set the foundation for me to make some serious changes! I started a new job, left a job, started a new business, and fell in love. 

Looking back, it was the best investment I ever made. 

If you think coaching might be for you, and you want to learn more about coaching with me, book a breakthrough session.