What's draining your energy?

As a yoga teacher it can be easy to burnout. If you aren't honoring you natural energy cycles, you might find yourself dragging yourself to the studio to teach yoga. 

It might feel out of alignment or even shocking sometimes, because you know that you LOVE teaching yoga, but you're feeling drained.

So how do you learn you natural energy cycle? Study it! Like anything else when we shift our attention to something it naturally changes, evolves, and usually improves.

Keep an energy journal for one week :: 


  • Note your energy {high, medium, low} at morning, noon, night. Feel free to add some more language to indicate how you're feeling.
  • If your schedule shifts from week to week, note what you are doing at each time.
  • You can keep a small paper notebook with you or track this in the notes app on your iPhone.

Review your week :: 

  • Sit down with a cup of tea, no judgment, and review your journal.
  • Notice any patterns?
    • AM vs PM energy
    • Consistent lulls at a particular time each day 
    • Consistent peaks depending on the class or student you're teaching

So how can you start making the shift to honor your natural energy cycle? 

You might not be able to change your whole schedule right away, but you CAN plant the seeds to make the shift. 

Make a dream calendar ::

  1. Write it out on a piece of paper, use post its, a bulletin board, or a chalkboard. Make it fun!  
  2. First block out your LIFE. Start with your own practice and self-care, then add time with family and friends.
  3. Use pretty colors to indicate where you WANT to be booking classes and privates students.  
  4. Now add where you are currently teaching, and any other present day work obligations.
  5. Keep this calendar somewhere that you will see it daily. Let it be a reminder of what you are working toward. 
  6. Trust the process, be patient, and watch as things shift.


Identify if you are a morning or night person. If you are teaching 6AM privates, that pay your rent, you might have to let go of that public class at 8PM paying you $30. 

Let me know how it goes! I'd love to help you map out the perfect schedule for a lucrative and sustainable year ahead. Sign up for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session. Let's expand your energy, so that you can show up and give your students your very best self.