3 ways to protect your energy

Now that you know what is draining your energy and how to make it stop, we can be proactive and protect your energy. 

As a yoga teacher it can be easy to give your energy away. I invite you to consider, would you just give your money away all over town? Would you pass out $20 bills to every person on the street?

NO! You wouldn't. 

Your energy is your life force, it's MORE valuable than money. In fact money IS energy, but that is a conversation for next time. 

So here are my favorite 3 ways to protect my energy when I'm teaching, or out in the world with lots of people ::


  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil is the oil of energetic boundaries. Put some (diluted with carrier oil) on the back of your neck, or around the navel when before you leave home to go teach. This will protect you from unknowingly absorbing negative energies. It will also help you recognize and respect people with healthy boundaries.
    • I prefer dōTERRA essential oils for their purity, 3rd party lab testing, and their efforts to give back to the people harvesting their products. You can purchase through my affiliate link, or reach out to me for support in choosing the oils right for you. 


  • Use your invisibility cloak! Think Harry Potter. When we enter the room to teach a class, we are allowing ourselves to be a channel, a conduit for the teachings, but also a mirror for the students. Needless to say, that can get heavy to carry around with you. One way you can protect yourself is to close off your energy once you've finished teaching. You may want to have a wrap, a jacket, or a cardigan that you close after class to signify energetically that you are done for now. If you don't have a physical cloak, use your invisible one. Imagine your cloak draped over your shoulders and around your whole body. 


  • Your aura is real, and it's here to help. Close your eyes, choose a color, the first that comes to mind. Imagine your aura glowing in that color surrounding your body; extending 4 feet in front of you, behind you, to the right, to the left, below you, and above you. Your aura is a bio magnetic field that surrounds you at all times. I like to think of it as my field of protection. Remind yourself that YOU have the power to choose what energy enters this field and what energy leaves. 


BONUS :: If you do feel rundown and your energy is drained; take a hot bath filled with epsom salt and your favorite essential oils. You can also use sage or palo santo to clear your own aura, as well as a selenite crystal wand.