The most valuable asset in my yoga teaching career

As a yoga teacher I've found the best way to fill my workshops, trainings, and events is NOT using Instagram or Facebook, it's EMAIL.

I know, that feels so lame, so boring, so archaic. 

Here's the thing. We ALL have email, we check it daily, sometimes hourly. Unlike social media you don't scroll mindlessly through your email, you are looking for important stuff like your phone bill and your flight itinerary for Mother's Day.

It's no wonder that every business owner will tell you that email converts to sales far better than social media. 

So how can it work for you?

1. Collect Emails

  • Keep a notebook or a note in your iPhone dedicated to collecting student emails. 
  • After EVERY class you teach, ask students to join your email list to stay in touch.

2. Get a MailChimp Account 

  • There are lots of great email marketing services, but MailChimp allows you to send emails for free to up to 2,000 subscribers. 

3. Consistency is Key

  • Pick a schedule. Email your students monthly, seasonally, but keep it consistent. If you go too long without reaching out students will forget who you are and drag your note to the dreaded spam.

4. Provide Value 

  • Please do not just send your schedule or your workshops. 
  • Give your students something of value: 
    • an audio class for when you are on vacation
    • guided meditation recording 
    • a pose of the month based on the season
    • your new playlist 
    • a video with a gentle morning asana practice
    • a poem you've written
    • philosophical musings to practice yoga off the mat 


  • Offer your students a gift for opting in to your email list. It could be one of the ideas above.


  • SoundCloud is great for recording audio and creating a link for free. Easy Peasy! 
  • YouTube is easy and free too. You can set up your iPhone or computer to film and then upload you class to YouTube for your students.
  • Spotify is where I house all my playlists so that my students can access them.