Gemini Season helps us talk it out

This week we are blessed to be moving into Gemini season. We’ve been experiencing a lot of water and earth based energy this year. That means a lot of emotions being felt, but not being expressed.

With Mercury and the Sun kissing as they boogie into Gemini, from steadfast Taurus, we will feel lighter, more excited, and full of words!

The moon will be spending Tuesday and Wednesday in the grips of (what I’m calling) the Capricorn cluster. This cluster of planets in Capricorn is asking us to let go of the structures, boundaries, and foundations that we once relied on to make space to create something that is uniquely our own.

If you’re not sure what that is yet, not to worry. We’re working with this Capricorn cluster all year. So grab your journal, or an unbiased friend and let the words flow! Gemini season is a time to talk, write, speak, and try on all the ideas you’ve been stock piling this winter.