Play the middle

There is an energy in the heavens of feeling pulled in two or more directions this week. The Sun is in Gemini after all, the sign of multi tasking. Do your best to hold your center and play the middle. Don’t go excessive or austere with any of your decisions or habits. If you’re starting something new, start small. If you’re giving something up, start smaller.

This week kicks off with a mutable cross. The Sun, the moon, Neptune, and Jupiter are all squaring off and vying for our attention.

Normally squares are considered tough, but this one with all these planets in mutable signs feels like an invitation to create, to be enveloped by the creative dreamscape of your subconscious and conscious mind. Almost like an opportunity to live between the earth bound and spirit realms, one foot in each. At least that’s how it feels for me!

Mutable signs usher in the end of each season. They excel at change and assist us all in the very important transition phases of our lives. So you can view the aspects of this week as a preparation for what’s to come in July with the 2 eclipses. We’re getting a little taste of what’s in store for us, and in fact many of us are already feeling the urge to release!

We’ve got the Mars and Saturn opposition on Friday which will give us a good clue as to what we’ve got to let go of and/or work on this summer. With a grand trine in water, you can be sure you will be feeling it. In fact tuning into your feelings this week is a good idea. With mind controlling Mercury in Cancer our thoughts are being ruled by the moon, aka the #1 feeler in the heavens.

If you get that feeling in your gut, trust it, especially on Sunday! Jupiter will be squaring Neptune. If there is someone in your life that you have a sneaking suspicion is duping you or being less than truthful, you should trust that suspicion and act accordingly. When Jupiter and Neptune square off they can illuminate the false prophets in our lives. Someone say guru-itis? Remember your intuition is the ultimate teacher, and this square is a perfect time to tap into your own spiritual expansion and connect with the God of your own intimate understanding.