What's important to you?

This week we’re gearing up for the first of two eclipses in July. On July 2nd we’ll have a New Moon in Cancer near the North Node, aka, a Solar Eclipse!

Eclipses tend to illuminate the stuff we don’t want to see, and thus have swept under the rug. Sometimes, eclipse season can illuminate the stuff we haven’t allowed ourself to see, but it’s been stored deep away in our subconscious. Needless to say eclipse season can be emotional, even more so in a water sign like Cancer.

We’ll talk more about the eclipses next week, but if you want the real lowdown on the Solar Eclipse and how it could impact your life, become a member over on my Patreon page.

This week is a gear up for the month of July when we’ll really see what habits, people, or beliefs the Universe wants us to finally release so we can continue growing. If you’re not sure what this eclipse season is about pay attention on Wednesday when the moon in Aries activates the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn.

It’s not about what will make you the most money, or garner you the status; it’s about what you want to nurture for your own soul’s growth. What’s most important to you? That is where you should be focusing your energy.

We’ve got a T-Square in the sky all week that might make us feel like we’ve got ants in our pants. The release point of this T-Square is in the sign of Virgo, the sign of service and work. If you’re feeling uneasy, overwhelmed, or simply over stimulated; take a deep breath and ask, “how can I serve? Who can I serve? Where can I be useful right now?”

On Wednesday night Mercury will be moving into Leo, which will help us find our confidence in our communication again, but only for a little while as Mercury will be retrograding on July 7th until July 31st.

With the eclipse and good ol’ Mercury about to backspin, I’d recommend busting through your to-do list this week and getting as much done as possible. Give yourself space to experience the emotional release and healing that the eclipses have in store for you. When you are faced with challenging astrology it’s simply an invitation from the Universe to up-level your life. It’s your choice as to how you receive the invitation.