Surrender, Surrender, Surrender

Surrender! It’s what I keep telling myself. When you feel like you’ve released, there is one more layer that needs to be let go. This week we have the Full Moon Lunary Eclipse in work hard Capricorn opposite emotionally tuned in Cancer. If you feel like you are being pushed and pulled in opposite directions, you’re not wrong.

This past weekend we had Pluto opposed by the Sun, meaning the Sun was shining a light on the deepest and darkest parts of our psyche. Pluto rules the underworld, or the undercurrent of our mind. It’s where we store the trauma, the pain, the thoughts and the stories we don’t want to tell or even remember. If you’ve had memories of the past being dredged up, it’s because the Universe is trying to help you release them.

Remember Mercury is still retrograde in Leo and will be re-entering Cancer on Friday. Until Mercury redirects itself on July 31st and exits its shadow period on August 15th we won’t have all the details.

This is why I’m recommending you SURRENDER to the tide. Let the ocean waves wash over you. Allow them to push you to the left and then to the right. The water will be healing and when you get spit back out on the shore you’ll feel like a new person.

For all the details of this week’s astrology tune into the Essential Astrocast above or wherever you listen to podcasts.