New Moon Solar Eclipse: Reflect to push forward

With the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd we can’t help but have the feelings emerge from the past. Not to mention we’re gearing up for another Mercury Retrograde phase. Sometimes we have to reflect before we can push forward.

Cancer is a water sign, represented by the crab. Like a crab Cancers have a tough shell, but they’re soft and even mushy on the inside. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be fierce though! Especially when they’re protecting their tribe, they can get snappy.

Cancer rules all things home, from where you live to who you live with. It’s not surprising that this is the part of the zodiac where we have a lot of hidden emotions. The solar eclipse is here to shed light on whatever you’re not dealing with. What are you ignoring? What emotions are you avoiding? What habits or relationships are sneakily sabotaging you from moving forward with your life and work?

Eclipses always inspire, or rather catapult us into change. This can be change that we may want or perhaps changes that we don’t want, but we actually need. The planets conspire every 6 months to give us a little push in the direction that we must go.

I’ll dive more into the eclipse specifically for my Essential Astrology members, but know that you want to reflect on where you were last July as well as last January, and in the summer of 2010. These previous eclipses may show you some themes that you’re working with in your life right now.

We start the week off in the dark of the moon, meaning the waning hours before a new moon, a fresh lunar cycle. While we wait Mars moves into Leo, bringing back our sense of ambition, motivation, and a general “look at me attitude.”

The other big news of the week is Venus moving into Cancer, where she feels right at home indulging in all things feminine and comfortable.

We close the week with Mercury stationing to begin his retrograde journey on Sunday night. Tune into the Essential Astrocast for the details on how to manage the energy this week. It’s all happening!