Back in the driver seat

This week we start to feel in control once again, we’re back in the driver seat. The forward moving momentum is picking up and we’re picking up ourselves out of the depths of all the feels of Cancer season. The Sun is moving into Leo and there is a passionate grand trine of planets in fire. The temperature isn’t the only heat you’ll be feeling.

Last week we got through the last big Pluto transits for a while. Pluto likes to burn it down so you can start fresh. If you said goodbye to someone or something in the last couple of weeks, let them or it go for good.

With the moon in Aries and the Sun moving into Leo, we’re all feeling like there is a pep in our step and a fire in our heart that hasn’t been there for a little while. We’ve spent a good deal of this summer working hard with Capricorn and healing our emotions with Cancer, now it’s time to let loose and have a little fun with Leo!

While Mercury is still retrograde in Cancer, we might not feel the fire come on fast, this is a slow warm up. With that said, we do have a grand trine in fire to start the week. This is a time to ask yourself, “what is my heart’s desire?” Mercury in reverse will help you answer that question in a way that might be unexpected to you.

On Thursday a Yod, aka a finger of God, forms in the heavens and it’s pointing at Mars in Leo! This Yod will hang with us until August 5th, which means the Universe (or the God of your own understanding) has a message. We’re being asked to embrace our passion, our ambition, our motivation, and focus it with consistency and discernment.

The hard work you’ve put in over the past month of Saturn in Capricorn and the emotional release you’ve worked through with the eclipses will help you find the focus you need to get after your dream. Trust that you’ve got what it takes and allow yourself to shine on the stage of your choosing.

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