Break out of the rut

This week is full of potent astrology. The Universe is inviting us to break out of our rut and see things a little bit differently.

We kick it off with Mercury newly retrograde conjunct Mars. Hello agitation station! Mars rules the head and Mercury rules the nervous system so you may be feeling hot headed, stubborn, or unable to keep your words to yourself. They are in Leo, the sign of the proud Lion, squaring Uranus in Taurus the most stubborn section. All I’m saying is take a deep breath before you engage in any confrontations. I’m not sure anyone will win this one. This energy will be with us throughout the week, so keep practicing those deep breaths.

Venus is happy as a clam in Cancer. Get it? Clams like water. She’s helping us figure out what makes us feel emotionally supported, nurtured, and stable. Are your relationships supporting you? Are you supporting the other people in your tribe in the same way you want to be supported?

On Tuesday we have the Sun opposing Saturn illuminating where we’re doing the work OR where we’re slacking off. If you’ve fallen into the “eat your feelings” coma of Cancer season while binge watching Jane the Virgin, it’s time to come out of your cocoon. Oh, was that just me?

The Sun shining its light on Saturn in Capricorn, with the South Node, is the Solar Eclipse of last week coming back around to check in on you! So it’s time to recommit to the habits that support you and take stock of where you are working hard. Are you doing work that makes you feel fulfilled? If not, how can you make a change so that your work feels purposeful.

The Sun will trine Neptune on late Wednesday night, encouraging us to re-align with our spirit. For some this may feel like an invitation back into the warm cocoon of binge watching bad TV, but I implore you to stay awake to what’s coming to the surface this week in conversations, in your meditation, even in your Facebook memories.

Eclipse season is about illuminating the parts of our life that are ripe for growth. On Sunday the Sun in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn which could bring an emotional and therapeutic release, just in time for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 16th.