Mercury Retrograde July 2019 Survival Guide

Alright friends! It’s that time again. Good ol’ Mercury is back at it. That trickster that rules our mind, our intellect, and our ability to communicate our thoughts is moonwalking through the early degrees of Leo and then back into Cancer. 

So how should you approach this particular MRx? From July 7th through July 18th revisit those creative projects you might want to edit or revise. You might also revive an old hobby. I’ve recently starting playing my harmonium again and I’m realizing how rusty I am! I need to practice some of those old tunes and I’ll be doing just that in the earlier part of this month. 

On July 19th Mercury backstrokes into Cancer, for the remainder of the month until Mercury stations to resume forward motion on July 31st. Some of the themes from June may reappear. Look back in your journal - how were you feeling? What emotions or memories were coming up? Mercury may needle these as cancer rules our family, home, and all the emotions that come with it. Try to prioritize time with your closest loved ones. Also give yourself plenty of space to be alone, preferably by the ocean or the pool, to process whatever childhood wounds may be resurfacing. This time is a gift! An opportunity for you to heal and move forward unencumbered by this old story. 

Ok so I know MRx can make people freak out as we’ve demonized it in our pop culture zeitgeist. please don’t feel Mercury is out to get you. The planets are conspiring in your favor, not against you. Give yourself plenty of time, space, and patience to listen for the messages Mercury is sending you.

When in doubt, here are some easy ways to cope with any unexpected surprises:

  • Old friends and old flames will re-appear. Ask yourself what is to be gained from re-engagement? If there is unfinished business, have a conversation, it could be healing for you both and help you move forward unencumbered.

  • Avoid launching new projects, but if you must don’t fret. Just make sure to double check all your work. Do review, revise, and revisit old projects you may want to re-launch.

  • Take time for yourself every day (meditation, work out, eat well, take a walk), this will eliminate a lot of your reactionary response to things that go haywire.

  • Apply Melaleuca (Tea Tree) & OnGuard doTERRA essential oils to your solar plexus (right above your navel) to protect your energetic boundaries. These two oils will protect your aura from taking in any energy that is not yours to carry. Learn more about using essential oils here.

  • Give yourself ample time and space in all areas of life. Leave a little early for work or a flight, bring a phone charger, make sure your computer is backing up to the cloud or dropbox.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, engage in conflict over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or text. If you’ve got a real gripe make sure you are clear on what is happening, collect all the facts first, and then have a face to face conversation.