Who, what, and how do you love?

This week’s big event is the big kiss in the sky on Wednesday between the Sun and Venus. Some say this is the most romantic and sexy day of the year… Vavavoom! While this day can spell romance for some, it’s a wonderful day for all of us to reflect on who we love, what we love, and how we want to be loved.

Venus’ meet up with the Sun happens only every 9.5 months and we call it a Venus star point. Without getting into a lot of astro-geek language, I’ll just say that this means she leaves her morning star position and returns to the night sky. For the past 9 months she’s been a fierce warrior goddess making herself known to us in the AM hours. Now she’ll return to being a gentle goddess of the night encouraging us all to let down our guard and let love in.

Venus not only rules the lovey dovey stuff; she is financially savvy and has an eye for design. This week could bring an aha moment about how you’re going to earn more money over the coming months how you want to decorate that corner of the house currently housing your KonMari discards.

With Jupiter now moving direct and Uranus retrograde in Venus’ home sign of Taurus this might very well be a time of clarity around the evolution of your career or your finances. This also could be a time to reflect on what you value in life.

Venus and the Sun in generous hearted Leo will be opposing the Full moon on Thursday in freedom loving Aquarius. How can you let your passion shine, while you make an impact on your friends, community, or even humanity? Leo rules our heart and Aquarius rules the community we belong to, whether that be our nearest and dearest or the tribe we all belong to - the human race.

After about 2 weeks of the finger of God coming through and pointing our collective attention to the atrocities that plague our world, I would say it’s about time for us all to let our hearts lead the way.