The joy of normalcy

After a very busy summer filled with intense eclipses, retrogrades, and a Venus star point to boot, I'm ready for some run of the mill routine. How about you?

This week Mars is leading the pack into the sign of Virgo. When Mars enters a sign it shifts the way we approach motivation, drive, and ambition. With Mars in Virgo we have the focus to pay attention to the small stuff. While that might make some of us nit picky perfectionists, it can also inspire us to pay attention the magic in the everyday moments.

In fact there is a lot of magic to be felt this week when Venus catches up to Mars in Virgo and they have a hot date. You might have heard Men are from Mars and women are from Venus? When these two get together it can be an opportunity to reset your relationship or your creative focus. When Mars and Venus comes together it’s like the balancing of the two sides of the body, when we find that moment of harmony we can give birth to some of our most aligned and inspired ideas. Since these two only come together once every 2 years, pay attention to what has your creative juices flowing this week.

Virgo is a sign that appreciates purity, simplicity, attention to details, and the quiet stillness of nature. If you can embrace these vibes this week it will help you hear the messages Mercury is sharing. Mercury is the sign that rules Virgo and he’s still in Leo, but there is an aspect in the sky called the finger of God that is pointing right at him! That means that we’ve got some information flowing in.

The finger of God has been active in the sky since before the New Moon in Leo on July 31st, it’s been progressively pointing our attention to what the Universe wants us to see and now we’re going to receive the news that helps it all come together in our minds. If you’ve been looking for the last piece to a puzzle, you just might find it, or rather, hear it on Thursday.

Mercury moves in mysterious ways, so the messages might not come from outside of you. More than likely, with the last quarter of the moon upon us, this will be a time of going inward and listening to the whispers of your heart. Take some time to go to yoga or sit on your meditation cushion and allow the thoughts (subconscious and otherwise) to flow.

So sit back and enjoy these last moments of Leo sponsored summer fun and the slow re-immersion into routine. Come the New Moon next week it’s going to be all about work, work, work. After a long season of emotional growth, the joy of normalcy might be a welcomed change of pace.