Back to the (not so) same old grind

This week Mars and the Sun meet up for their bi-yearly date in the heavens. When the Sun and Mars join up it provides signs as to what will be your motivating force for the next 2 years.

What is lighting that fire in your gut this week? Pay attention to that. Or is there something nagging at your mind that you want to do, but you just haven't found the courage or drive to make it happen? This is your week to dive in.

Mercury, also in Virgo, will help you stay focused. While harmonious aspects to both Uranus and Saturn will give you the ability to approach your goals with a new perspective, while having the grit to show up day in and day out.

In other news we have a T-square in the heavens imploring us all to re-examine our values and beliefs. You may be feeling extra gullible or naive this week, so beware of making any unexpected life-altering decisions. Besides, Mercury in Virgo will want you to collect all the data before making any big shifts.

If you’ve had some big things in the works, this week may bring them to fruition as all this Earth energy (we’ve got big hitting planets in all 3 Earth signs) helps us manifest our dreams in real time. Remember, this Virgo energy wants you to fall in love with the process. This is a great time to execute, in fact, when you execute your plans you learn the lessons you need to learn to grow. No one ever started a business, got healthy, or found love by sitting in their bedroom dreaming without taking action.

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