The Yoga Business Kula Interview Series


This free 5-day series dives deep into what it takes to be a successful yoga teacher.

Are you looking for someone to show you the way? Someone who knows how to make teaching yoga work as a full time profession, not just a side hustle?

These 5 teachers are some of the most successful in the yoga business and I'm so honored they are sharing their secrets with you and me! 








You'll get a sneak peek into what some of the top earning yoga teachers have to say about these hot topics ::

  • Using social media to build your business, not just your # of followers.
  • Focusing on your craft and being true to yourself amidst the ever changing tides of the yoga industry.
  • Building relationships as a launchpad to your marketing.
  • Expanding your 1:1 privates.
  • Maintaining a student mindset.
  • The lowdown on marketing funnels and how to keep them full
  • The experience needed to make it happen in the business of yoga. 

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