The Yoga Business Kula Interview Series


This free 5-day series dives deep into what it takes to create an abundant mindset that supports you in being a successful yoga teacher.

Are you looking for someone to show you the way? Are you curious as to how other teachers have made their passion their profession? 

You'll get a sneak peek into how to create alternative streams of revenue outside of the yoga studio. These 5 women all have a unique stamp they've left on the yoga industry. I'm so honored they are sharing their secrets with you and me!


Creator of Radiant Body Yoga, a blend of Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga Technology. Kia travels the world training teachers in her methodology and you can practice with her any time on Yogaglo.

Widely know as The Real Flying Yogini on Instagram, Nancy was one of the first yogis to adopt social media into her teaching platform. Nancy is proof that you can build a yoga business anywhere in the world, even a small town.


Innovator of the Science of the Private Lesson™ Online Training, Francesca leads yoga teachers through the process of learning to teach private yoga skillfully. She continues to teach her own yoga students while taking on the role of mentor to other teachers.


Translating her own experience at a high-growth media company into her yoga business, Jen takes mindfulness into the office with her company MINDFRESH. Jen continues to teach in the traditional studio setting as well as in offices throughout NYC, and now she is training other teachers to do the same.


Hari the owner of a studio, Hari NYC, also known as the Treehouse to us students.She's created several online courses, Illumined Woman, and teaches multiple teacher trainings throughout the Northeast. Hari is a senior Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, and chances are if you know a Kundalini teacher, they've trained or studied with Hari.

What we'll be talking about in these 5 days ::

  • Developing consistency in your presence and your intention as a teacher.

  • How to use social media to build your business, not just your # of followers.

  • The importance of staying creative and curious, so that your business emerges from your heart. 

  • How to identify your audience and how you can serve them with yoga.

  • The willingness to engage in life and all it's challenges. 

  • Practice, practice, practice. The importance of staying present to your practice. 

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