New Moon in Sagittarius: Intention Setting Workshop

Friday, December 7th | 4-5PM EST


For thousands of years humans have been living their lives in harmony with the moon and her cycles. The moon provides us with 30 days intervals to honor the different aspects of ourselves and our lives.

Join me for this complimentary online workshop + set your intention for the New Moon.

In the modern world iPhone notifications and breaking news alerts have made us feel more disconnected than ever from the wonders of the Universe and her magical architecture. Astrology gives us a way to once again connect to our deepest desires and work with the energy of the cosmos.

Give yourself this time to connect with yourSELF and you will mindfully set the tone for the entire moon cycle and the next 6 months.


What to expect

  • A guided meditation to bring your intention from your sub-conscious to the surface of your mind.

  • We’ll cover the meaning of the New Moon and how to harness the moon in this sign to amplify your life.

  • We’ll talk about some of the upcoming aspects in the heavens so you can be prepared to live in alignment with the planets.

  • You’ll leave the workshop with an intention that will allow you to focus your energy for the next 30 days.

  • The workshop will take place on Zoom, you’ll receive a link one hour before the workshop begins.

Sign up to save your spot in this free workshop, seats are limited.