Are you ready to to heal your body, detoxify your home, and make a positive impact on the planet?

Yes! Well then, I’m here to guide you. Very few people raise their hand to take responsibility for their health, so kudos to you for showing up.

You might be wondering how I got here.

I came to essential oils when I tore my labrum in my hip after years of yoga and over-exercising. At the time the oils were a means to get out of pain. I had no idea that the oils would also become an unparalleled tool in managing my mood and increasing my level of happiness.


Years later, I revisited the oils when I was experiencing on-going throat discomfort. I was using another brand of oils recklessly, without much education. After making my sore throat much worse, I decided to do some research.

What I found was that most of the oils out there are actually synthetic perfumes being marketed to unsuspecting people like you and me, looking for natural health care solutions.

Feeling angry and frustrated, I went down the rabbit hole researching oils companies and their practices. I quickly came to realize there was no one in the industry taking such painstaking efforts to deliver the purest essential oils with integrity and respect for the Earth.

Now I turn to my oils when I feel a cold coming on, when I’m overwhelmed or feeling down, and when the crazy pace of NYC life and travel has my nerves fried.

These oils will be the catalyst for you to take back control of your health and your happiness.

You may be feeling

  • Aches and pains

  • Hormonal shifts

  • Anxious feelings

  • Digestive irregularities

  • Overwhelmed and stressed

Where to start

I recommend starting with the top 10 oils in our Home Essentials Kit. 80% of your needs will be met by these 10 powerhouse oils and blends. Plus you’ll get oodles of education and tools from yours truly, so you’ll never have to ask, “how do I use this?”

Why doterra?

  • The purest plant extracts undergoing the most rigorous testing available today. This assures that the oils maintain the desired therapeutic qualities, guarantees absence of toxins and contaminants, while eliminating potential negative side effects or drug interactions.

  • Co-Impact Sourcing: a model of working directly with independent family farmers and harvesters in more than 40 nations. They receive fair wages for their work and you receive the most potent plant material delivered to your door. Plants grown indigenously or in optimal climates are simply more potent and powerful once distilled into essential oils.

  • Healing Hands: a commitment to giving back to communities in need where our products are sourced. From building school for girls in Somaliland to extracting women and children from sex slavery in Haiti. Healing Hands is the heart of the company, in fact, some say doTERRA is a humanitarian organization that happens to sell essential oils.


What is wholesale membership?

  • You get 25% everything you purchase. The same pricing that I receive as a Wellness Advocate for the brand.

What are the perks of membership?

  • In addition to 25% off all your purchases you can join our Loyalty Rewards program and earn points back when you shop. Over time your points will accrue and you can use them to buy your favorite products or ones that you want to try.

  • Me! You get to have me in your inbox answering any questions you might have about your membership and our products.

  • A video tutorial with me walking you through the top 10 oils and how to use them.

  • A private Facebook community to ask questions and get new ideas on how to use your oils from me and your fellow members.

  • A welcome gift from me and occasional surprise giveaways for being a loyal oiler.

Do I have to order monthly?

  • NO! If you ant to join the Loyalty Rewards program you will be ordering monthly to accrue points, but you can cancel at anytime. No strings. No questions.

Do I have to sell oils?

  • Absolutely not! IF you are interested in starting a business with doTERRA you can do that, but it is absolutely not necessary. 90% of doTERRA members are wholesale customers and do not sell a thing!