Essential Oils

Very few people in life raise their hand to take responsibility for their health. If you’re ready to to heal your body, detoxify your home, and make a positive impact on the planet. I’m here to guide you.


My signature coaching experience for women looking to break through their blocks. If you're ready to get unstuck and take the next right step in your life and work, this is the fastest path to freedom.


 You love reading your horoscope, but you want to know what the Universe really has in store for you. A natal chart reading is the ultimate personality assessment. A necessary step in getting to know your soul's desires.

Sometimes the best information, even top notch tools, can be overwhelming. Having a cosmic cheerleader at your side can help illuminate the path ahead.

Together we will identify what is blocking you from achieving your goals, so that you can move forward in your life and work with confidence and purpose.

Some benefits of 1:1 Coaching ::

  • You are the sole focus, and the agenda is made just for you.

  • Self discovery and transformation happens quickly in this intimate setting.

  • Personalized tools to help you grow, evolve, and be ready for the next step.

  • A private and confidential space to be completely vulnerable.

  • Me at your side 24/7 via unlimited email access.

  • Weekly sessions and check-ins to keep you on point.

  • 100% no excuses accountability.

"Veronica made herself very available to me whenever I needed extra help. In the beginning, I didn’t want to reach out to her past our scheduled sessions because I just had my own issues with seeking help, but she reassured me that I could email or text her anytime. I took her up on that offer, emailing her to keep her posted on any breakthroughs between our sessions, and she always responded back with love and support and encouraging tips. I felt supported, no judgment, just honest care and motivation."

Samantha Martins | NYC


"I knew I was struggling, but I wasn’t even clear on what the struggle was.  I wanted to gain clarity on how to move forward in my career. Veronica helped me to identify some clear roadblocks in my path.  Through the course of our call, I was able to come up with some tools to immediately start working with those obstacles. I feel motivated to start tackling my obstacles immediately. I woke up this morning and spent 2 hours on my business tasks and I was excited about it! Usually I have to drag my feet for these types of tasks."

Jess Blake | NYC