Having your natal chart read is like finding out there is an owner's manual to your soul. It's a snapshot of the moment you were born. In this one hour session we dive into what makes you uniquely you. From personality traits, to relationship patterns, and family dynamics...

It's all in your chart. 

You may be feeling like

  • You need a change in your life.

  • You're in the midst of a life transition; a shift in your career, a breakup, moving homes.

  • You want to capitalize on your strengths and avoid your pitfalls.

  • You’re ready to harness the power of the planets to move your life forward.

  • You want confirmation that you’re on your soul’s path and that you’re honoring your destiny.

What’s included

  • We'll cover your personal astrological chart, diving into what makes you YOU! Your natal chart holds all sorts of clues as to what sort of life lessons you’re here to learn and how to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

  • The current transits impacting your chart. When you understand how the current movement of the planets up there is playing out in your life down here it can feel life affirming and freeing.

  • Astro-Cartography. Seeing your chart on the world map can help you identify where to live in the world to experience the best health, success, or fulfilling relationships.


How much does it cost?

  • $250 for a natal chart reading

Is the reading in person?

  • No. All my readings are via Zoom, a free online video chat service that makes it possible for you to see me and see your chart.

How do I pay you?

  • You can pay with any major credit card or PayPal.

Can you tell me who I’m going to marry, when I’ll have a baby, or what I’m meant to do with my life?

  • I can tell you the optimal time to pursue love, career, or family planning. I’m not a fortune teller. YOU have the power to move your life forward with your choices each and every day regardless of what the astrology has to say.

I was feeling very stuck when we spoke and after our meeting I found empowerment. It felt seriously like the universe had my back. Talking with Veronica was easy, I was able to open up and trust her guidance. Anyone could benefit from an astrology reading!

Heather Bernstein | NYC


I really enjoyed my astrology session with Veronica! It was an absolute delight, and she really spent the time to walk me through my chart, explaining with ease all the pieces I had questions about. I walked away with a lot of clarity for some key upcoming shifts + moments in my life. As well as a better understanding of the essence my chart and how astrology works! I highly recommend a session with Veronica!

Amber Ellis | Toronto


I was hesitant that the reading would not accurately reflect my personality, passions and experiences. I was happily surprised that this was not the case. I learned a lot more about myself and why I do the things I do. I’m now confidently pursuing a career change. I think a reading can help someone find more clarity, insight or direction. I came to Veronica never having had an astrology session and not knowing what to expect. I left feeling incredibly confident and hopeful about everything my intuition has been telling me.

Rayna Costanzo | NYC