The Real Sign Guide

The Essential Astrology Lowdown for Real Life

Are you obsessed with reading your horoscope daily? Do you ask people their sign? Have you ever searched your compatibility with your partner or potential date on the internet?

If you said YES to any of the above, then you’re in the right spot my friend.


Download the Real Sign Guide now to maximize your planetary super powers.

I’m Veronica. An astrologer, coach, yoga teacher, and Real Housewives Historian. For as long as I can remember I’ve been reading my horoscope in the newspaper, then online, then on the app, and now I just craft my own each day.

I’ve created this guide just for YOU!


I know you, you want to take action and integrate all that planetary woo woo into your everyday life. Maybe you like astrology and tarot cards, but you also really like Bravo TV and red wine.


Time to spill the tea. What’s inside?

In astrology, the Sun represents our identity and our ego. It’s our life force, the prana that moves us forward. It’s critically important for us to honor who we are in this lifetime. When we get to know ourselves deeply, we can get to know each other and get to doing the work of our soul’s journey.

  • Learn your Real Housewife Archetype. (Psst! Mine is Vicki Gunvalson.)

  • Discover what makes you tick and what lights you up.

  • Get tips to maximize your energy and avoid common energy drains.

  • Get acquainted with your ruling planet and how it operates through the zodiac.

  • Identify your go-to exercise regimen so you can feel like your most powerful self.

  • Find out which essential oils can help you expand your sense of self-awareness and confidence.

  • Acquire a perfect for your sign mantra to help focus your mind and tune into your own inner knowing.


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